What’s the Result of Your Online Marketing??

Reporting and Dashboards

Always have insight into your online marketing results and hear in clear language whether things are moving in the right direction and where the greatest opportunities lie.

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The dashboard is developed specifically for you


Any data source can be integrated into the dashboard

All online marketing channels

No lengthy reports, but one short, clear story about your results

Concise and powerful

No unnecessary data ensures a clear picture, regardless of knowledge level


Why Reporting and Dashboards?

Making better decisions with clear, up-to-date data is crucial. A practical dashboard and clear reports also make it easier for you to report within your organization. And because our dashboards also look slick, they grab attention so you can centralize them in decision-making. Time and again, we see in practice that good reporting and dashboards lead to better online marketing results.


Our Approach

After setup, the development of the dashboard does not stand still. Based on questions and developments, it is adjusted to your wishes. The same applies to the reports. Over the course of our collaboration, we tailor Dashboards and Reports entirely to your preferences and wishes.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our clients’ experiences are the best proof. That’s why we’re eager to share testimonials and statements from real clients to show that we fulfill our promises. Curious about the project they’re praising? We’d love to tell you more in a conversation.

Reporting & Dashboards


We use leading dashboard software as the basis for your custom dashboard. Impressive visualizations and real-time updated data are always striking.

Custom integrations

Need to use unique data or sources? No problem, we’re happy to create a custom integration so all relevant data for you is visible.


Dashboards and reports are fully accessible on any platform or device. And they look great everywhere!

Typically Us

We often work with our clients for many years. Why? Because we achieve goals together. We briefly explain how below, and we’re keen to go deeper in a personal conversation.


We get to work and achieve goals, and we dislike lengthy meetings.

Outboard motor

We act as an extension of your marketing department, deploying the specialist you really need.


You work with dedicated specialists who know you and your business well. Soon, we become one team.


After a while, we know you inside out. So, you’ll need to explain less and less about your product, service, or preferences.

Getting to Know Each Other

It’s all about human interaction. Let’s have a brief chat about what you need and what we offer. No strings attached. We’ll quickly find out if there’s a match. Do you have 30 minutes for me?

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