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3 ways to get more results from your social media efforts

3 ways to get more results from your social media efforts
Follow up on first contact

Find out who has shared your article, where, and what they are saying about your content. Engage in conversation on their profile or platform. The simplest comparison is this: if a customer walks into your store, the first thing you do is greet her, then you see what she is looking for and what you can do for her. The customer remembers a pleasant visit, good help, and connection on a personal level. On social media, it’s no different. Especially in B2B marketing, it pays to build a personal relationship with a potential customer as quickly as possible.

From readers to subscribers
Another reason you may be getting less from your efforts is that people are not convinced of your authority after just one contact. Offering readers a choice between ‘contact us now!’ and closing the page makes it easier for them to give you another chance. Moreover, email is a very practical communication channel.

Personal offer
Everyone sees their own challenges, problems, and desires as unique. If a potential customer shares your article, at least they agree with you, but their reasons or thoughts are probably different than yours. This is an excellent opportunity for an initial conversation where you can compare experiences and see if there’s a personal connection. Or maybe, when you look at their profile or website, you see a direct reason for a personal offer! Even if this offer isn’t 100% spot on, it definitely shows that you take the contact seriously and have something concrete to offer.

Social media acts as a shop window, serving as a signboard. Sometimes it directly results in customers, but more often, they need a bit more attention or persuasion. Besides these 3, there are many other methods, and we’d love to tell you more about them


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