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5 Titles That Guarantee Your Article or Blog Will Be Read

5 Titles That Guarantee Your Article or Blog Will Be Read

Crafting an engaging headline has been an art for decades, ensuring readership. Whether you like it or not, when scanning newspaper racks, your eyes often first land on the headline of The Telegraph before anything else. Your piece shouldn’t read like a sensational news article, but first and foremost, it needs to be read. The right title is crucial for your online marketing success. In this article, we cover 5 titles that guarantee your article or blog will be read.

Titles Matter, for SEO and Readers!


The most famous ‘Mad Men’ would spend more time on the title than the rest of the pitch. It’s not surprising when you consider that research shows 80% of people read the headline, but only 20% read the article. While in the past we could afford days to think about a title, now we aim to produce content regularly. A new blog is to be written in an hour and a half, including the title. Once you’ve written your title, run through this checklist:

  • Is the title useful, does the reader understand what they gain by reading the piece?
  • Does the reader feel a sense of urgency, do they feel they need to click now?
  • Do you convey that this benefit is unique?
  • Is your title specific enough? How can it be more specific?

The following 5 titles ensure your title is so compelling that everyone must read your piece:

1. Solve [Problem] Once and For All! Knowing the common problems of your readers ensures they’ll dive into your article upon seeing this headline.

2. [Subject] – [Confrontational Question]? The growing power of health insurers – What does this mean for you? By clearly stating fact and consequence in the title, you make the subject urgent, and the reader curious about the answer. Click!

3. What Everyone Should Know About [Subject] Even the absolute expert on this subject will click on this post, just in case there’s something new they haven’t discovered yet. Even if there’s nothing new, the expert will be pleased; you’ve just confirmed their expertise. Always a win.

4. How to: Write an Article That Attracts Customers? Most Google queries are ‘how-to’ questions, as interest in a subject often begins with a challenge or problem. A title like this makes readers eager; who wouldn’t want this?

5. Make a List: Write a Well-Read and Found Blog in 7 Steps We use it ourselves quite often. The power of the list lies in the fact that it promises a concise post that can be quickly scanned and applied in practice.

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