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E-learning environment for Apex Dynamics: the APEXperience

E-learning environment for Apex Dynamics: the APEXperience

Why Build an E-learning Environment for an Industrial Products Supplier? In this article, we address an important project: the APEXperience. For our long-standing client, Apex Dynamics, we created a custom e-learning environment where users learn about (and how to work with) their products. We’ll discuss the motivation behind this initiative, the primary challenges, and, of course, the final outcome.

About Apex Dynamics

Apex Dynamics has collaborated with Merkelijkheid for over a decade. Together, we have worked on increasing brand recognition, brand value, and sales for planetary gearboxes, rack and pinions, and lubrication systems. The company now has a solid market presence, thanks to our approach of clear positioning, strong content (and distribution), and an excellent online environment and discoverability. We continuously seek opportunities to further differentiate the brand.

Overview of the various chapters which also shows your progress.

APEXperience: The E-learning Environment

So, how did the idea to build an e-learning environment come about?

It’s a good question. One of the pillars of Apex Dynamics’ ‘move forward’ positioning is their sponsorship of various initiatives and student teams. Director Thom van Oss has a keen interest in supporting young engineers and making the technical field more appealing to prospective students. Hence, Apex Dynamics sponsors, among other one-time initiatives and projects, Team Rembrandts and University Racing Eindhoven. Through sponsoring student teams, Apex Dynamics aims to contribute to a healthy influx of new engineering students.

This focus on knowledge, particularly on drive technology and the specific application of Apex Dynamics’ products—gearboxes, rack and pinions, and lubrication systems—became increasingly important. Too often, customers would realize too late that they had ordered the wrong gearbox or that a different solution would have been more efficient.

Video is an important aspect of the e-learning environment

“The APEXperience is a platform that provides insight into the gearboxes, rack and pinions, and pinions from Apex Dynamics’ program and how they can be used in practice,” says director Thom van Oss. “On this platform, you can not only learn how our products work but also when it’s best to apply them and when it might be better to consider alternative solutions. This is beneficial because using a suboptimal product for the application is less economical, or worse, the product could get damaged or even break. After completing the APEXperience, you’ll know exactly—among other things—how to avoid that.

But it’s about more than just our products. With the APEXperience, you’re also building your general knowledge.”


The APEXperience was, of course, a huge challenge. Not only the technical realization but specifically the content and structure of the program were the main questions. The entire Apex Dynamics team, along with Merkelijkheid, worked on this. Apex Dynamics provided the content, while Merkelijkheid was responsible for designing, structuring, and, of course, making it work in a pleasant, intuitive manner.

We naturally extended the brand identity of Apex Dynamics, which we have established together over the years, into the e-learning environment. The numerous videos we produced about products, installation, selection, and maintenance also play a prominent role. A great example of repurposing valuable content.

Each chapter and section is about answering questions. Questions that demonstrate your mastery of the material.

The result: a unique APEXperience

And the final result is impressive: a user-friendly environment where interested parties can learn to work with Apex Dynamics’ program and products in just a few hours.

Clients from various disciplines and markets have already started going through the APEXperience. One motivated customer quickly completed the entire program. Apex Dynamics director Thom van Oss immediately drove to Belgium to personally deliver the beautiful trophy.

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Why APEXperience?

The name APEXperience, by the way, was coined by Sales Manager Eric Megens. With his fresh perspective, he realized that for many customers and relations, this environment would be their first, in-depth experience with Apex Dynamics and its products. Therefore, the experience had to be central to the name. Thus, APEXperience was born.

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