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5 fun content ideas to get started with right now

5 fun content ideas to get started with right now

The blank page you’re looking at may be the biggest barrier to content marketing success. What are you going to do/write/create?! We’ve been there many times and have often broken through that block. To help you, this month we’re sharing 5 ideas, topics, or directions for your next article or post. We’re curious to see what you come up with. Will you share your latest online marketing action with us?

5 content ideas

1. Thought Leaders
Who are the 5 people you must follow in your industry? Chances are you have a completely different list than others in your field. Share your top 5 and explain why these people are so special. This also sparks reactions, and with a bit of luck, you’ll find another source of information that should also be in your top 5. Win-win!

2. Behind the Scenes
Watching what goes on behind the scenes at the McDonald’s Chicken Nugget factory is, of course, stomach-turning, but who isn’t fascinated by watching a diamond being cut? For your customers and target audience, one of your processes may be just as fascinating! Grab your phone, walk into production, and film the finishing of that special product. It doesn’t have to be top quality to give people a good idea of what’s really going on.

And who knows, we know of a company where an intern made a video of a new machine, and less than a month later, they received an order for 10 units. All because of that video.

3. Definition / Jargon
What is a piece of cake for you but gibberish to others? What industry terms or jargon can you think of that your customers would prefer to understand? We do this regularly by discussing topics like positioning, brand strategy, or positioning strategy. Not for every reader, but definitely useful and often good for SEO.

4. Contest
Start a contest among your target audience or customers related to your product or service. For example, a scavenger hunt on your website or a mathematical or technical puzzle that only true specialists can solve. Sounds childish, but who doesn’t enjoy a little competition? Beamery shares 17 successful contests aimed at recruitment and selection.

5. Look Back
Remember that article from two years ago that got so many reactions? Write an update for it, do a reevaluation, or look at the same subject from a different perspective. There’s a good chance that the same people will read and react again!

There’s something for everyone in this list, I think. We understand that not everything applies to your situation, company, or product, but hopefully, while reading these ideas, you’ve gained some inspiration. You can always refer to our list from last month if you need to review 10 content ideas. Do you have content ideas that we should share with our readers next month? Let us know.

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