Brand archetype Everyman: why don’t you use it?

That’s an interesting question! While many sources refer to the ‘Everyman’ or ‘Regular Guy’ archetype, we have deliberately chosen the term ‘Ally’ in our series on Brand Archetypes. Our approach somewhat deviates from the traditional interpretation as described in the book “The Hero and the Outlaw“.

Brand archetypes play a crucial role for companies in establishing their market position. They provide a fundamental framework through which brands can convey their identity, values, and message to the public. Given the importance of these archetypes, it’s essential that they are not only recognizable but also ambitious and motivating. An archetype that is too passive or unremarkable would not be the first choice for brands aiming for success and impact in their market segment.

The ‘Regular Guy’ or ‘Everyman’ archetype has qualities often associated with modesty, self-effacement, and a pursuit of simplicity and authenticity. While these are valuable and relatable traits, we have chosen to give a twist to this interpretation. Instead of focusing on these more reserved characteristics, we emphasize the idea of the ‘Ally’—a strong, reliable, and supportive archetype that actively stands by you. The idea is that brands positioning themselves as an ‘ally’ can play a more powerful and active role in their customers’ lives, thereby building a deeper and more meaningful connection.