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Development of engaging content

Development of engaging content
Every day, we enjoy juggling all the tasks for our clients, but sometimes we forget to share what we create for them. That’s a shame because we work hard to develop compelling content. Recently, we’ve executed exciting visual projects for clients like GS1, Dumaco, Audion Packaging, and Apex Dynamics. We’re working on captivating visual identities, imaginative branding videos, public space campaigns, and photography for online content. In this blog post, we’ll highlight a few of these projects.

Alain Caron and Active Ants Films for Audion Packaging

For our client Audion Packaging, we produce branding videos. We accomplish this by featuring influential individuals and companies who have acquired one of Audion’s machines to contribute to the daily operations of their businesses. We recently created a film at the restaurant of TV chef Alain Caron, Café Caron, in which he tells us about his restaurant and Audion’s vacuum machine (see the film below). We also filmed at the e-fulfillment warehouse Active Ants, where an Audion Speedpack packaging machine is located.

Photography for Dumaco’s Website and Content Marketing

In addition to positioning, a website, branding, articles, online marketing, and much more, we also conducted a photoshoot at 4 Dumaco locations, with a focus on the company’s employees. These images have been used for various purposes.

fotografie websitebedrijfsfotografie websitewebsite fotografie

GS1’s 45th Anniversary: Images and Actions

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of our client GS1, the global provider of product identification through EAN numbers and barcodes, we came up with three actions:

1. Adopting a Zebra at Artis. Just like the barcode, a Zebra’s pattern is unique.

2. Creating an online scavenger hunt called ‘Crack the Barcode’ on GS1’s website. The first question is on the homepage and leads to different answers and questions scattered across other pages. If you crack the barcode, you have a chance to visit Artis and admire and feed GS1’s zebra in its enclosure.

3. GS1’s mascot is a flamingo because one of the best-selling products in the last 2 years has been the inflatable flamingo. In the pond in front of the company building, we placed 45 inflatable flamingos. It was a fun gimmick that created a surreal image and garnered attention.

GS1 content: flamingo actie GS1 content flamingo actie GS1 content zebra actiecontent GS1 zebra

Films for Apex Dynamics’ Content Strategy

Our client, Apex Dynamics, is the leading supplier in the Benelux of low-backlash gearboxes, racks and pinions, and worms and wheels. They sponsor various student teams and initiatives related to drive technology because Apex Dynamics believes in the future of technology and wants to contribute to it.

They have a sponsorship with University Racing Eindhoven, a student team that has developed an autonomous electric racing car, and Team Rembrandts, a student team that competes with a homemade robot in various competitions, including the FIRST Robotics World Championship in Detroit. They also sponsored Clean2Antarctica, an initiative where a vehicle made of waste plastic and powered by solar energy traveled to the South Pole. A new collaboration is the one between Apex Dynamics and Talaria, a project from the TU Delft. We create various films that highlight these partnerships and support.

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