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Website Hosting & Maintenance

A dedicated contact person, easily reachable (by phone), and we’re here to assist you, that’s the service we provide

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Fast, securely hosted servers in the Netherlands

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We’re here to help you efficiently and willingly

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Your website is reliably reachable, especially during office hours

99% uptime

We always operate with a straightforward, fixed price

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Why website hosting & maintenance?

You know that feeling? You have a problem with your website and you’re being passed around without a solution? Your website is too important for your brand to allow this uncertainty. That’s why our clients choose to entrust all website hosting and maintenance to Merkelijkheid. We answer questions, help you implement changes, and ensure that everything stays in order.


Our approach

We ensure that all components of your website are up-to-date and the software is updated to prevent bots and hackers. We regularly back up data and are readily available by phone for questions or assistance. It provides peace of mind knowing that your website is in good hands with a single point of contact.

What do our customers think of us?

The experiences of our customers are naturally the best evidence. That’s why we like to share testimonials and statements from actual customers to show you that we deliver on our promises. Are you curious about the project that led to such a glowing story? We’d love to tell you more about it in a conversation.

Website hosting and maintenance

The software and tools relevant to website hosting and maintenance can make an introduction to them quickly complex. We highlight 3 of them to give you an idea.


CloudLinux OS protects our servers from attacks by virtualizing user file systems and preventing the leakage of sensitive information.


Cloudflare is one of the largest networks on the internet and is used to improve both the performance and security of web applications and websites.

Laatste PHP versie

This open-source scripting language is the foundation for our open-source CMS WordPress and has a market share of almost 50%.

Typical Merkelijkheid

We often work with our clients for many years. Why? Because we achieve goals together. How we do that is explained briefly below. We’d be happy to discuss it further in a personal conversation.


We get to work and achieve goals and we’re not big fans of long meetings.

Outboard motor

We function as an extension of your marketing department, deploying the specialists you truly need.


You work with dedicated specialists who know you and your company well. Soon enough, we become one team together.


After a while, we know you inside and out. So, you’ll find yourself having to explain less and less about your product, service, or preferences.

We’d Love to Get to Know You

Because it’s all about people. Let’s have a brief chat about what you need and what we offer. No strings attached. We’ll quickly figure out if there’s a good fit. Do you have 30 minutes for me?

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