What every lawyer can learn from Coolblue’s positioning.

What every lawyer can learn from Coolblue’s positioning.
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Coolblue is hot! Not too long ago, it started as a student company and is now a successful cross-channel retailer that commands nationwide respect. The company has a large number of brands such as laptopshop.nl, gpsshop.nl, or bbqcenter.nl, making it one of the largest online sellers in the Netherlands.

A company that has been widely copied but never quite replicated. Step by step, they have created something special. With robust logistics processes, a scalable IT foundation, and an obsession with customer-friendliness. Combined with an innovative retail concept, specialized product management, and efficient content marketing, they have achieved success. And what every lawyer can learn from Coolblue’s positioning is explained in this article.

Coolblue’s Positioning

Coolblue believes in knowledge, focus, and especially specialization. And these are not empty promises; they live by them every day. They are not always the cheapest, and they don’t need to be. They deliberately do not engage in the well-known “race to the bottom” and believe that price, unlike retailers such as BCC and Mediamarkt, does not have to be the most important buying factor. What can the legal profession learn from this?

Little Difference Between Buying Legal Knowledge and a Vacuum Cleaner

That may sound strange, but let’s compare a few things. When you buy a TV, you want someone to tell you more than you already know, right? The same goes for legal advice. When you buy a vacuum cleaner, you expect a reliable, transparent supplier who keeps their promises. The same goes for legal advice. Coolblue shares, shares, and shares information. On their website, you can find practically everything you want to know, from comparisons to detailed specifications and from customer reviews to videos from their product specialists. Coolblue is thus a valuable source of information, creating so much useful content that they can almost be seen as a “publisher.” Why do we see so little of this in the legal profession? Isn’t that also an industry characterized by knowledge, focus, and specialization?

Positioning as a True Specialist

In addition to Kevin, there are numerous other product specialists active within Coolblue. For example, there’s Jorieke for cameras, Heleen for kitchen appliances, and Roel for high-pressure cleaners. So, every product group has a specialist with a face, and that builds trust.

Are You the Trendsetter in the Legal Profession?

How about in the legal profession? Here and there, you can find some videos on platforms like YouTube. Of course, there are diligent lawyers who publish and thereby convey focus, knowledge, and specialization. But the Coolblue positioning of the full-service firms, where the transmission of knowledge is in their DNA, was something we couldn’t find. Where is the undisputed “Copyright specialist” or the “Financial Litigation specialist” who shares content weekly, informs people, and in doing so, builds both authenticity, trust, and authority?

We firmly believe that a Coolblue business model would fit perfectly in this sector, simply because the values of knowledge, focus, and specialization are perfectly transferable. We firmly believe that such a Coolblue law firm would be a great success. Who is the trendsetter and is ready to get started?

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