Does HEMA’s positioning help sell health insurance?

Does HEMA’s positioning help sell health insurance?
Positioning of HEMA and Health Insurance

It seems like a fantastic combination, HEMA and health insurance. HEMA is known for both its simplicity and its aversion to fine print, and also the entry premium of €69 is clearly distinctive as other providers charge around €100. Are you getting a eureka feeling yet? Unfortunately, after inspecting the available fine print, we must quickly conclude that HEMA’s insurance is not very distinctive. The deductible is set at €850 per year, and you have no emergency care abroad; adjust this, and you’re just as expensive as other providers. Again, fiddling in the margins, with the additional risk that your premium could go up in the future due to your purchases of the famous (and fatty) HEMA sausage!

We are thus disappointed by the Hollandsche Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam. Upon closer inspection, the latest expansion in the product range breaks with the positioning that has made the company well-known and loved, only superficially fulfilling the brand promise. We see this as two cardinal sins, breaking with the positioning and ‘lying’ to your customers. Our expectation is that the HEMA insurance will not cause ripples in the insurance landscape and may only detract from their distinctive positioning.

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