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2 examples of advertising on LinkedIn

2 examples of advertising on LinkedIn
Advertising on LinkedIn? The LinkedIn advertising platform offers unparalleled opportunities for B2B advertising. That’s why in this article, we provide two real-world examples to demonstrate how you can support both marketing and sales efforts in various situations. We share our application and results of LinkedIn Advertising based on two anonymized customer cases.

Adverteren op LinkedIn: b2b voorbeeld

In our campaign evaluations, we primarily rely on the Merkelijkheid LinkedIn Benchmark. This benchmark includes anonymized results from all the campaigns we’ve run for our clients over the past years. It’s an important tool for assessing campaign performance and making timely adjustments.

LinkedIn offers various ad formats and objectives, combined with the ability to create a target audience, allowing you to set up campaigns for every stage of the customer journey. In this article, we choose a different approach and share two campaigns based on their objectives and situations:

1. Sales Support at the Account Level
2. Introducing a New B2B Product

LinkedIn is Perfect for Sales Support at the Account Level

How do you achieve visibility among decision-makers at companies you want to do (more) business with? LinkedIn is the platform that can guarantee visibility among these companies. For a Dutch company that operates globally in the high-tech and semiconductor industry, we regularly build and optimize campaigns to support their account-based sales teams.

The advantage of account-based LinkedIn campaigns is that the target audience is very specific, usually consisting of one or a few companies and a selection of job titles. This allows us to tailor the ads very precisely to the needs of the audience. We’re sharing some anonymous results from various campaigns:

  • Over a month and a half, ads have been displayed an average of two to four times.
  • The Cost Per Mille (CPM) of €9.46 is significantly lower than the average for brand awareness campaigns in our benchmark (€15.01).
  • The Click-Through Rate (CTR) of the website campaign is remarkably high, at 1.61%, well above the average in our benchmark (0.74%) and even higher than 75% of the campaigns in our benchmark (0.90%).
  • The Cost Per Click (CPC) is also notably low at €0.76 compared to the benchmark average of €4.50.
  • The lead phase of this campaign has generated 3 leads at a Cost Per Lead (CPL) of €83.31. Although this falls below the average number of leads per campaign in our benchmark, it is still a very low Cost Per Lead for our client’s market, making it a highly successful result.

The ads (text and visuals) determine the number of clicks and the CTR. In this campaign, we found that it works well to combine ads for various services and specialties in one campaign. This allowed us to target different areas of expertise within the audience, appealing to different preferences. Additionally, in this type of campaign, it’s an option because our client’s objective is to promote the overall image of the company as the ideal high-tech partner, rather than a specific product or service.

This approach to advertising on LinkedIn is so specific that it’s almost like placing a billboard in front of the business premises of your warmest leads. No other platform offers you the opportunity to create guaranteed visibility with your potential customers. That’s why, in our view, LinkedIn is an indispensable tool for every sales team.

Advertise on LinkedIn for B2B Product Launch

Adverteren op LinkedIn: account based sales ondersteuning in b2b

For one of our clients, a Dutch manufacturer of packaging machines, we have been running various campaigns on both Google and LinkedIn for years. Last year, they introduced a new, innovative product that offers both their existing customer base and potential new customers a completely new packaging solution. A solution that also works on competitors’ packaging machines.

The question arises: how do we ensure that as many people as possible get acquainted with our new product? In addition to all the usual channels such as dealers, the website, newsletters, etc., we quickly started advertising on both Google and LinkedIn. After successful LinkedIn campaigns in the medical sector, this time we focused on the Retail industry in the Netherlands and Germany. This campaign consisted of two parts, one aimed at brand awareness and one focused on website traffic. Here are some of the results:

– Over 22,000 impressions
– An average of 3 views per person
– Average CPM (Cost Per Mille) of €35.82
– 44 clicks to the website

Curious about why LinkedIn is the right B2B platform for your brand and how we can use it to increase visibility, brand awareness, website traffic, and leads? We’d love to have a conversation with you and show you more examples and data that demonstrate the indispensability of LinkedIn in your online marketing strategy.